Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back to blogging!! :)

My camera broke a month or so ago so I have not been able to update for a while. So I am back and have a lot to update so don't miss anything. Our lives are pretty exciting!! (haha)

Were Off

Derek and I just got back from Florida. We went for a family reunion as well as a great vacation. We had tons of fun and are a little sad to be back to real life. This is where it starts!

This is Canyon on our 4 hour flight to Florida. We put the tables down in front of us and made a little bed for him. He was so good for being confined for so long.

Our cute little Missionary

We happened to be in Florida for his farewell talk. It was great!!
This is my cousin Jarrett Lipsey. He lived here in Utah for 4 years then he moved back to Florida, then came back here for college, then went back to Florida to receive his call and guess where he is going............. Salt Lake City Ut. How crazy is that. I couldn't beleive it. I guess the Lord knows what he's doing, cause I don't! He will be the greatest missionary. I love him to death and wish him the best of luck!!!
Love you Jarrett!!

Spider Man lives in Florida?

My cousin Britt through a birthday party for her 4 year old and it was a Spider Man theme. He loves Spider Man. She had all sorts of thing for the kids to do. At the end she had her brother dress in the Spider Man costume and get on the roof. The kids all ran over and couldn't believe it. Then he sprayed silly string at them. You know, like a web. It was a hit with everyone except.............

Sea World Orlando Fl.

We were excited to see Shamu!
Crazy they can jump so high for how big they are.
Here is the gang that went. My siblings and my cousin Britt, her 2 boys and husband Mike.
Here is Britt again.
Here is Canyon intently looking throught the glass aquarium at the whales. He did fine until the whale came close to the glass then he freaked out. I would freak out too if I had something 4 times my size swimming towards me.

Tampa Rays Baseball Game

Its always fun to go to a pro baseball game. We spent a fortune and had ballpark hotdogs, fries and drinks. It was great.

Clearwater Beach Fl.

Isn't it beautiful!
I love sitting where the water rushes up on shore. It's a great way to get sand in all sorts of places.
The water was so warm, nothing like good old utah water.
Canyon wasn't sure about the sand moving under his feet.
We went to a big party on Peir 60 that they have every summer night. There are entertainers and vendors of all kinds. I didn't get pictures of the party, but I couldn't pass these up.

Redneck Race Track

Now this was an experience! We went to a redneck race track where they have various kinds of car races. We had a good time.

Here we are waiting for the races to begin.
Here they come!
Okay, so do you see the geo metro car at the end? I couldn't believe these were the kind of cars they raced. We got a good laugh. After all, he took 2nd.
This guy took 1st in the biggest race and he hopes to go pro nascar. We thought we should get a picture with him incase he is famous one day.
There was no way Canyon was going to last watching cars go around all night so Derek took him out to the lawn and threw him around a little bit. Notice the muscles!

Airboats in Cedar Keys Fl.

Here we are waiting for our turn on the boat.
I know, we look like total nerds. The boat is so loud, we all wore these headphone things to protect our little ears.
The guy in the middle was our crazy driver. This was 1 of my favorite things we did. It was beautiful scenery that I didn't get pictures of for fear of letting go. It was fun and we saw 1 alligator. (We think.) Just the eyes and nose then we went over top of it. Crazy.