Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flo Rider Wipeouts

I went and watched Jess and Ty take on the Flo Rider a couple weeks ago. I couldn't resist getting pictures. Jesse had done it before so he was pretty good and was trying to conquer the 180 on the board. Tyler was a newbie and was just trying to stay up and get his feet set. Regardless there were some gnarly wipeouts that I got pictures of.

Love the above face on Ty.

It was fun, I think I want to try it. :)

Papa Chink

The boys and I went and watched Jon play basketball on his intermural team at school. The name of their team was "Who's your daddy?" and they were all named papa something. Jon was Papa Chink. It was funny to see the names they came up with.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jon. Love this kid!!

So I have been excited to try out my new camera on someone who can hold still and pose. (unlike my kids) We were at my moms for dinner and we had like 40 minutes to take some pictures. It was fun! Jon is a stud and he was patient with me in the freezing cold while I tried to figure out lighting and buttons. Love you Jon!!

Had to get in Victoria's!

I definitely need some more knowledge but it was fun and I love doing it!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

FJS (For Journals Sake)

Ok so this is a post with no pictures just strictly writing for my journals sake. I thought it would be beneficial some day to write some of the things going on in our family right now.

Life as we know it right now is crazy. D is in the police academy and loves it! I knew he would, but deep down I was nervous about him doing it. He has learned so much and I am getting much more confident in his abilities to do the job and that is putting me at ease. He goes to work all day and school every night and then school all day Saturday as well. So we pretty much never see each other. It makes for a lot of time with just me and the boys which is great. D will graduate at the end of April and I am counting down. I am totally excited for him!

I hate to bring this up just because it is talked about so much lately but someday looking back at the BYU Hall of Fame it will be fun to know that we were part of the JIMMER FREDETTE ERA!! Ha How about that Jimmer? Crazy good right? Byu basketball has been so fun to watch this year! They are so good which is probably why they are fun to watch. Its funny, people talk about "Being Jimmered" and people who don't follow Byu sports are so confused. I saw a sign the other day on a title company that said "We Jimmer our competition." ha I thought is was funny. Seriously everything is about Jimmer lately.

Anyway, the boys are growing up so fast and its crazy. They will be 4 and 2 this year. Canyon is into bikes, helicopters, he loves books, he loves Dora, Diego, Hook, Karate Kid (the new one with Jaden Smith. He tells me he wants to watch karate chop boy.) and all things active. Loves all sports but I think he shows bigger interest in baseball and soccer. Crew is kinda into what ever Canyon is into to. He follows Canyon everywhere and I am beginning to see what this might be like later in life when Canyon has friends over. Crew is talking tons and repeating everything! Good and Bad. Common phrase: "Canyon hurt me mommy". They play and fight together and its fun to watch.

I am just hanging out. Doing a little hair, a little real estate, and hanging with family. I am loving my camera and I am trying to figure out the whole couponing thing.
Life couldn't be better.

Birthday Bash 2011

Here I am........... now 27 years old. Crazy!! Here are Ty and I at my parents for a little birthday party. My mom always makes us each our favorite dinner and our favorite cake. So we sing twice and blow out twice. Its fun. Derek totally spoiled me this year and got me a
Nikon D3100!! I LOVE IT! So I took tons of pictures trying to figure out all the settings. It was a party!

Great Day

On my birthday we went to visit some of our good friends who just had a baby. Bridger Bawden. Isn't that the cutest name. He was so little and its crazy to think my boys were ever that little. After that we went to D's parents to watch the Byu basketball game, then we took our kids to Trafalga for some mini golf and little bowling. It was fun and they loved it. It was a great day!!

Random Pictures

Random pictures that I thought were funny.

Biggest black eye ever!

Ok, so I don't beat my child. Crew is my climber and he thought it would be fun to climb on top of our old oven and then fell off and his face broke his fall. The pictures at the bottom are the night it happened. I knew as soon as the swelling started it would be bad the next day. So this first picture was the a few days later. It was pretty much swollen shut. Poor kid.