Friday, September 10, 2010

Jon's Baptism

My little brother from another mother Jon, got baptized this summer and it was incredible. This was an amazing testimony builder for me. Jon is 18, a senior in high school and the first member in his family. He has been toying with the idea for awhile now but wasn't sure if it was right. He had so many spiritual experiences this summer then we went on our trip. He drove home with Tyler (my other brother) from Atlanta so they had lots of time together. They started talking about the church and Tyler ( who if I may say is an amazing example to me with an incredible testimony) had the opportunity to bear his testimony to Jon and the talk about the amazing blessing he has received from having the gospel. Ty said they rode in silence for a couple hours and when Jon finally spoke his whole demeanor had changed. He became excited and told Ty that he now knew the church was true and he was ready. They came home and talked about how strong the spirit was in the car. Jon called everyone and its was amazing to hear the excitement in his voice. He was so sure. He just knew. I was teary as we talked. After I started asking myself questions like: Would I had been strong enough to go against my family for something I knew was true? And at age 18, I still feel 18 (ha) but I know the influences were hard then, I know they are harder now. So, could I rise above temptation?
I would hope so. It was a great day full of tears and excitement. I am so glad Jon is part of our family. He fits in perfect!