Monday, April 12, 2010

He did exactly what I told him to do.

Crew's 1yr stats

Crew weighs 21 lbs- 23%
Height 30- 67%
Head 31%
He has one tooth on the bottom, is almost walking, loves to eat, and is for the most part a very happy little boy.
We love you Crew!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crew is 1

Crew turned 1 on April 2 and we had a little party for him. All of our family came to celebrate with us.

I have a lot of cake pictures so bare with me. I added commentary because I just knew what Crew was thinking. :)

"What is that light? Am I supposed to touch it?"

I know what your thinking, trust me. The cake was supposed to be orange because I intended on making a basketball but it flopped and so did the frosting. I couldn't bring myself to buy a cake that was just going to be torn into and thrown away. I should be embarrassed to show you, but I figure when Crew looks back it will be funny for him to see that his parents gave him the ugliest, coral color cake for his 1st birthday. O well.

"Is this a trick? They never leave food on the ground on purpose. What's going on?"

"Can I touch it?"

" I am just going to sit here and look at it. Why is it a coral color? I'm a boy."

"I'll taste it. Can't be that bad."

"Why is everyone standing around staring at me? What do you want me to do?"

"Oh gosh, they are making my touch it. "

"I am just so sad, my hands are dirty. "

"Now I am just plain pissed! Everyone is just sitting around watching me get my cake all over me and it is not funny! How would you like to be naked and showing all your fat rolls while covered in food? Get me outta here."

This was the final cake when he was finished. He was mad! Ha Canyon didn't want to touch his cake at one but he was a little more picky with what he ate and did. I really thought Crew would just dig in and eat as much as he could. It was fun for a minute.

After the traumatic cake, we opened presents. I got him this walker and he loves it.

"Now I am happy. When I am standing the rolls look much better."

I know I am a dork.

My Boys

The heard the boys all laughing and came to see and this is what I found. They were playing with Mater.

I just love these guys.

Friday, April 2, 2010

As if a dog wasn"t enough to potty train......

Yes, I decided to potty train both Mater and Canyon at the same time. :) I figured while we were going to be home a lot we would try and do it. He has done really well but it will definitely be a process. We had him run around in his "big boy underwear" all day for a couple days. Thought he was pretty cool. ha

Newest member of our family

We got a boxer, his name is Mater. (like on Cars). He has been so fun to have around but a lot of work. Chewing on things, potty training, etc. He is only 7 weeks old so he is still a little clumsy. He loves Crew! He likes to jump on his back when he is crawling and bite his ears. I think he feels like he is the closest to his size, so he likes to pick on him. Canyon loves him, but is a little nervous around him when he is in the playful, jump around mood. ( Which is pretty much all the time.)

The bowl is huge. He won't be small forever.