Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The boys first bath together

"Cheese Mom".........

See the double chins? Its cute on babies.

It will be great when they can play together in the tub. Then Canyon won't get so bored.

A soothing ride............ I guess?

Canyon loves to ride the "tractor" with Derek. They were out working in the backyard and I get a text from Derek to look out my back window. This is what I saw. Who ever thought that a loud, dirty, moving bobcat would put someone to sleep? I guess it was soothing or he was just so tired it didn't matter where he slept.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Longest 10 days of my life

Crew's first 10 days...............

We were able to get a quick picture of Crew on the scale before they hurried him to the nursery.

Canyon was exhausted from being at the hospital all the day the day before. He was probably more comfortable on that bed then I was.

They ended up having life flight come by ambulance to transport Crew down to another hospital that had better equipment for what he needed. I took this right before they took him. I had to stay in the hospital that night so I wasnt able to go with him. Derek stayed with me and then we went the next day.

This is how he looked in the nicu. He was born with premature lungs and an infection like Pnuemonia.

The first time we got to hold him! :)

One of our nurses daughters dressed up like the Easter bunny and came to take pictures with all the babies in the nicu, so we brought Canyon to see what he thought. He didn't cry but he wasnt sure either.

Crew and the Easter bunny.

Happy day!! Easter Sunday is when we got to bring Crew home. We are so happy it is all over and he is healthy. This was Canyons cheese face with his baseball Easter basket.

Here he is today, no tubes or iv's.

He has brought our family so close together and we are so lucky to have the cutest boys in the world.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crew is here!

Crew Mark Clegg
Born: April 2, 2009 (3 1/2 weeks early)
Weighed: 6lbs 10oz
Length: 20 inches
Surprise surprise, he came way earlier then I thought he would but he is here and we are so happy. Because of the early arrival he has been in newborn ICU and we are not sure when he will be coming home. We have high hopes for this weekend but not sure. We are all doing great, just a little sleep deprived. Canyon has not been able to see him except through a window so he really has no idea what is going on. I will give more details later, along with some pictures.