Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Soldier Hollow

Jon's parents came in town from China for a week and this is one of the activities we did. You can't come to Utah and not experience the snow. :) This was our first time going there and I thought it was so fun. Canyon loved it.

My Hgtv Moment

My mom decided to give her kitchen a face lift and this was a little bit of the process. I don't have the pictures of when we started but her walls were white and her cabinets were an old ugly wood. We painted the cabinets black and put handles on them. Walls are now tan which helps update the whole house.

Thanks to my Grandma, my mom got her counter top replaced which really put the icing on the cake. It was beautiful! My mom didn't know we were doing it so we picked it out and had them install it while she was at work.

Old counter top.

Our team of people helping take out the old. Thanks Family!!

This is the new counter top. We also gave her a bead board back splash which we had never done, so it took a little bit of trial and error but turned out awesome.

New sink.

Finished product.

Since my mom and dad had no idea about the counter top, all of us kids (who all helped) were there for the final reveal. My mom knew we were doing the back splash that day so when she pulled up and we were all there she thought it was funny we would all come just for that.
Never seen my mom in complete awwww.

Random pictures of the boys.

Its not everyday we can get Canyon to smile a normal smile for pictures, so when it happens we are lucky to get it on camera.