Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jesse and Rachel's Wedding

Yeah they did it!

Derek hates to dance so I am happy when he gives in.
The groom and by far the most handsome groomsman.

Canyon caught the garter, kinda. Jesse flung it back and it fell on the floor in front of all the guys and before anyone could get to it Canyon ran and picked it up. Then he thought it was a game and tried to throw it back to Jess. It was pretty funny.

Garter time.

Food was great! Cake and fruit.

Although my camera sucks, this was the backdrop they stood in front of. It was so pretty with all the lights behind it.

Rachels mom brought this from her stake in seattle. This is the roof of the church and this kinda created a tent feel in the gym. It was so pretty. Not your typical church wedding reception.

One of the great things about weddings is that they bring families and a whole bunch of people who don't know each other together. :) We had a great time seeing everyone.

These are my parents bestest friends that were in town bringing there daughter to BYU. It worked out perfect that they were here at the same time of the wedding. My mom was excited.

Autie Stace and the cutest, fatest 5 month old ever.

Bridesmaids. Her sisters, friends and cousin.

These are the groomsman. Showing off there mucsles.

And last but NOT least, the cutest little guy ever. We had to order is shirt and tie online so he would match the other boys. He was so cute!

Byu Time

The BYU football season is something we look forward to every year. We have big parties with all of our family to watch the games. I pretty much don't have to worry about what we are doing on Saturdays, its always football. I actually love to watch BYU.