Saturday, January 29, 2011

Christmas 2010

This was our Christmas day. It kinda goes in order as to what we did. We woke up and had our own little Christmas at our house first. Canyon was so excited about the presents and the decorating this year it made it so much fun.

Showing his muscles.

Then we went to Dereks parents to have breakfast and more presents. They love hanging with the cousins.

This is Grandpa Bowman. He carries this picture of Grandma Bowman around in his wallet daily. Grandma died a few years ago and so Linda made him a bigger picture and framed it for him for Christmas this year. It was pretty special.

Then off to my parents for more yummy treats and more presents. Canyons phrase of the day was "Oh man". It was so cute and funny. He would see a glimpse of the gift under the wrapping and he would start saying it until he unwrapped the rest. Pretty funny.

Tyler picked out his own Christmas this year with my dad then they wrapped everything so he had things to open. Since Jon wasn't around this year Tyler dressed in his cloths and sent him a picture about how we were thinking of him. It was pretty funny. He really did look just like Jon.

Funny story, after the presents were all done we were all sitting there and wondered where Crew went. We look into the kitchen and here he his sitting the on the chair with a bowl of m&ms between his legs just going to town. He was stuffing them in by the handfuls.

All in all the day was so fun and we were all spoiled. We are incredibly grateful for such amazing families to share the holidays with.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Snowball fight

Canyon loves the snow and so we attempted to make a snowman and he had a snowball fight with one of the girls in my young women class. Good times.

They love books!

My dad was laying on the ground and the boys took him a book, laid right next to him and waited for the reading to start. I thought it was cute.

Thanksgiving 2010


We spent thanksgiving in St.George with our good friends the Pfunders this year. It was a much needed vacation for us and we had so much fun. Our time there consisted of:
lots of playing (the kids and us)
my first black friday experience (which bytheway was so fun, tons of crazies)
of course an awesome thanksgiving dinner (with amazing rolls)
late nights talking and laughing (amazing how facebook can make for great laughs)
some "Just Dance" on the wii (which made for some good laughs of embarrassment)
a morning run with Marolyn which I was too out of shape to enjoy but the view was awesome
And I am sure much more but those are some of the highlights. All in all we love the Pfunders and it was a fun, relaxing trip.