Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's true.......

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Belnap Family Reunion 2010
North Carolina
Yep, the end of July was our trip to NC for the reunion. It was really fun. Very exhausting but fun. We had to switch planes in Minnesota so we were waiting for the flight to board and it kept getting delayed. It was okay for a minute but by this time we were anxious to get there. We found out someone from the previous flight had put a diaper and "something else" down the toilet so we were waiting for it to get fixed. We were there like 3 1/2 hours. We left at 11 am and got to our final destination at 3am. Crazy day. The kids were champs.

At the airport waiting to go. I was worried about the 4 hour flight with Crew cause he isn't the kind to sit for very long and airplanes don't offer nursery. :) ha (There's and idea.)

I bought Canyon this awesome little backpack to carry his treats in and he loved it. He loved flying. He was no problem at all. Slept great, sat great. He was amazing.

Yeah, not. This only lasted for a half hour or so.

Poor Jess and Rach. They sat right in front of us on the way there. At least it was someone I knew when Crew would pull their hair. :)

All the rest of the pics are of all the ropes courses we did. We did a zip line, a couple ropes course, climbing wall, and huge swing. Very exhausting.