Monday, December 28, 2009

Great Buddies

Canyon's cousin Austin comes over on Mondays while his mom works and Canyon loves it. They are so funny together, copying everything each other does. It is fun to have family around to hang out with.

My parents got our family a Wii for Christmas and we are totally Wii tards!! I love Mario Kart!! I could play it for hours. Its a little embarrassing but I am not a Nintendo kinda girl at all, unless it is Mario Kart! Thanks Mom!!

Merry Christmas!!

We had an awesome Christmas. Canyon was a little more aware of the what going on so it made it more fun. Crew loved the wrapping paper and empty boxes so its a good thing we didn't spend a lot on him. :) Canyon's favorite toy was the soccer goal. We made the rounds to see all the family and presents, presents, and more presents. We were exhausted by the end of the day but we are grateful to all of our family for everything they do for us!! We love you!

Christmas Eve

New pjs!! We are to the point where we are trying to figure out traditions we want to start. Christmas eve pjs were a hit. Canyon put them on over his cloths.

Joys of Winter

Our neighbor pulled Canyon on a sled behind his 4-wheeler around the block. He loved it! He usually hates to be cold but he didn't seem to mind this. We are grateful for great neighbors!

First Bath Together

Crazy how fast they grow.

Crazy Canyon

Canyon is 21/2 and he is crazy as ever. He is fun, sassy, silly and sarcastic all at the same time. We have definitely found out he repeats everything and that is scary. He has is terrible two moments but we are learning to deal with it and hoping he grows out of it soon. :)

One of the happiest boys Ever

Crew is almost 9 months now and he has been so much fun! He is happy, laid back, and chunky just like Canyon was. For that we are grateful. He is thinking about crawling, still prefers bottles over baby food (can you blame him?) and chunky as ever.

Family Pictures

The Cleggs had family pictures a couple months back. It is always fun to get the family together for pictures. My boys (including Derek) hate pictures and getting them to smile is like pulling teeth. We got some good ones, so I am happy.

Potty Training Attempts

One morning I thought I would attempt potty training. I thought to myself I wonder if he will just pick it up without problems but I was wrong! The first day, after two hours of using the toliet he came running in so proud and said "Mom, I did it!" "You did what?" "I peed!" " Where?" "On the carpet!" Great! That was the end of that.
Canyon is two and a half so I am not super worried about it yet. I was just testing him. :)

Halloween '09


Our cute little devil.