Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Drip Buddy

So those of you who don't know, my sister and I have MS. We are on the same meds, on the same schedule. I am not happy Linds has it but I am happy that her and I can drive to SLC every month together and drip together. We get a IV every month for a couple hours, so not bad at all. So here we are dripping and watching Modern Family on the computer. Thank goodness for Wireless Internet. :)

Bee Story

Okay so I have a crazy story! A couple months ago I got into the car with my kids to go to my parents house. I was on the phone with my cousin Brittany and all the sudden I felt something itch my leg. So, I reached down to itch the itch and all the sudden I felt a STING then another STING!! No joke. The bee flew out from my jeans and hit the window. I started screaming to Britt telling her a bee just stung me, a bee just stung me!!!! Can you believe that?! The sneaky sucker climbed up my pants and stung my leg while I was driving. Anyway, this was the result from that dumb little bee.

This is the inside of my ankle.

This is my normal leg with the ankle bone..................

.............and this is the stung leg. No bone.

Crazy ugly I know.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween is never a time that I look forward to, but its always fun. As the boys get older it becomes much more exciting. (Just like everything else.) Here we are with our 2 monkeys. It was Canyons idea to match costumes so that's what we did.

Mom and Cindy (Jons mom) at the trunk-or-treat, which was inside the church cause it was freezing cold and snowing outside.

At the halloween store they had these toy story......... things to put your face into. It was funny. Derek was holding the boys up so they could reach.

Carving pumpkins with friends is always fun, and crazy. My boys hate the feeling of the guts. I can't figure out why this picture is turned. Anyhow, you can see Crews face and it says it all.

The Cleggs built a garage onto there house and Derek helped do some of the work and organizing. I thought these pics of the boys helping him were kinda cute. Derek spent his days here and then nights at school so we never got to see him. So a lot of the days we would go see him and eat lunch and hang out. It was good for the boys and my sanity. I didn't take before pics but the top pic is the finished product. It is amazing.

I Miss the Sun

We were trying to soak up the sun on one of the last nice days outside. Since I am not posting this till December, I am now wishing I spent more time outside with the boys. Canyon thought it would be funny to take a picture of me with a silly face. I was worried about him dropping the camera. :)

Canyons New Hobby

Canyon has a slight obsession with building forts. He hangs out under them while he yells for me to come find him.