Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas 2008

This Christmas was so fun now that Canyon understood the whole thing a little better. This was his "big" gift from Santa and definitely his favorite

After he got the 4 wheeler he didn't want to get off, so he opened the rest of his presents while he sat on it.

Opening was fun for a few presents but it then got really old for him. By the time we made the rounds to the grandparents he was exhausted and so were we. It was a great Christmas!!

All Right Santa!!!

So, I am glad that we live in a ward with so many kids but waiting for Santa was one long wait. It was about a 45min wait to see if Canyon would freak out or if he would be okay. It turns out he was fine. Not smiling, but not crying. It was fun.

Not sure about the whole thing till Santa pulled out the candy cane. " Now were talking Santa." I am sure that is what Canyon was thinking.

First Sledding Experience!!

We took Canyon sledding for the first time and he loved it. (For about 5 minutes.) It was kinda cold, and he is not a huge fan of the cold wind in his face but he was smiling.

It is nearly impossible to get gloves on his hands so once they came off it was all over. It was short but fun. We are very excited for next year, we think he will be more of a fan then.