Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Canyon Talk

Canyon: Dad will you tickle my legs?

Derek: No (Jokingly)

Canyon: Dad, you don't have a choice.

Don't you hate when your kids repeat. :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Canyon's day out.

Canyon turned 3 and we thought it would be fun to take him out with just the three if us. We dropped the Crewser off at Grandmas and went out. Canyon choose to go golfing so we took him to Trafalga. I have not been there for a long time, but I must say, they redid the whole thing and it was way fun.

Riding the bullet bike was hilarious.

Can't pass up skee ball. (is that what its called?)

We rode go carts. They only have 2 cars on the track at once so it was Derek and us. That made it kinda fun. Way bumpy though.

Watching the go carts. I think he was getting nervous.

He was a pro. :) This was his favorite part.

Two of my favorite boys.

Me and my little man.

Don't I look like I know what I am doing. I am a natural. Thats where Canyon gets it. :)

Ok, he looks good too.

My lame attempt at the black light picture. Did I mention it was black light golf? That made it really fun.

He looks like he needs to go to the bathroom. All in all it was a fun day and I think he loved it. Afterwards we let him choose a place to eat and he wanted Taco Amigo, so thats where we went.

Canyon, I love your crazy little personality. You are constantly talking back, you love hanging with your brother, you love sports, you hate when people mess up your hair, and you love your dad. You love Dora and Diego and you are always singing the songs.
I love you, Love Mom

Tired of eating I guess....?

We were getting our carpets cleaned so everything was off the carpet including the kids. So, we kept Crew pretty happy in his chair with food since he is constantly eating. After a little whining this is how we found him. He had been eating bananas so when I went to take him out he had chunks all over his face. Kinda funny.