Thursday, November 4, 2010

BYU Season 2010...... Not so great.

The beginning of the BYU season is always a highlight for us. Lots of get-togethers and family. We always get our "support the team" apparel so we are ready. Ha, that being said, this year has been a little different. We are not doing so great, actually................ we are horrible this year. Oh well. It is fun anyway!

What is this face? Looks like he is thinking "I am so sexy in my Byu outfit, I can hardly stand it." HA

Boys Pictures June 2010

The boys had there pictures taken this summer and I can't believe I never posted them.
I am in LOVE with my boys.

Wedding Theme

This is the theme that Linds chose. Black and Green. She was really struggling trying to figure out what she wanted. I thought this wedding was so fun to plan. Its different then planning your own. When its your own you get to a point (like Lindsay did) when you say "I don't care" and want to pull out your hair. But for me, it was so fun!! I don't know how else to describe it. I didn't have to pay, I just got to pick things out and think of ideas and spend tons of time with my mom and Linds. I loved it and the day turned out amazing. (I thought. )

Finally, Wedding Pics

I am pleased to announce......
Chad and Lindsay Goodman