Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shop with a Cop 2011

This year D and I had the opportunity to go do Shop with a Cop in Spanish Fork. This is a program that helps kids who may be less fortunate have a little for Christmas. Kmart donates a $110 gift card and they get to.............. well shop with a cop. All the officers who want to be involved in our county go and they assign each officer a kid. I got to tag a long with D and it was crazy. The whole thing started at 6 in the morning so we were up at 4, met the other guys at 5ish and all went down together. There were so many police cars out. Once all the officers have there child, they let them sit in front of police car and play with lights and sirens. Crazy loud and bright. There were so many cars it was crazy. We drove through a light festival, then to a local school for breakfast, and then to Kmart to spend their money. 

Creepy Santa. Not sure why they would scare the children like that but he was definitely not the cute grandpa type you would imagine. D and the other guys from Pleasant Grove couldn't stop laughing. They were horrible.

Andy with his daughter and the little girl that shopped with them.

This is our kid, Mark. He was pretty quiet.

All the officers waiting to be assigned a little person.

We went to a local school and they fed us breakfast. 

Pure chaos at the checkout. 

My lame attempt to get all the police cars on the way to the light festival with lights and sirens going. It was pretty cool to see how many participated.  Then we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast with the PG officers. 


Natty said...

yeah, whats up with that santa, he was creepy. His beard was like yellow.
Hope all is going well. I miss you and wish I was there to be pregnant and fat together

Bobby Sue said...

I love that you went and got all those pictures! I might steal some and blog them. :0)